Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Bris?

Bris is the Hebrew word for covenant. The complete ceremony includes circumcision and is called Brit Milah. The ceremony links the newborn to generations of tradition and affirms his identity as a Jew. 


What about interfaith marriages?

As a reform mohel, I strive to be as inclusive as possible and assist families with this ceremony. I am happy to assist all definitions of modern families. 

Can we write our own ceremony?

There are just a few prescribed words and blessings required in the ceremony. I'm happy to work with your family to make the ceremony meaningful and personalized to you. 

Can my Rabbi and Cantor be involved?

Absolutely. I am happy to work with them in creating a meaningful ceremony for you and your family. 


What do I need to have on hand for the Bris?

  • A sturdy table with a good light source
  • Kiddush Cup and wine 
  • Diapers, baby wipes and pacifier 
  • Talit (optional) for father and Sandak (person who holds baby during ceremony)
  • Kipot for you and your guests (optional)
  • Challah, to start the festive meal 


What should I do for preparation? 

  • Feed the baby about 30 minutes prior to my arrival and give him 40mg of infant Tylenol (acetaminophen)
  • Please ask all guests to silence their cell phones prior to ceremony
  • Place a sign on the door that reads, "Please Come In" so late arriving guests will not disrupt the ceremony